Indonesian Hacker Defaces Fairfield Police, NJ and Jasper County Police, IN Websites

An Indonesian hacker going with the handle of Maniak k4sur has hacked and defaced the official website of Fairfield Police Department, NJ and Jasper County Police, IN websites. 

The Zone-h archive shows that Fairfield Police department website was hacked on 21 November and Jasper County Police website was hacked on 15th November 2013.


Hacker left two different deface pages along with messages on both hacked websites. The Fairfield Police website was displaying an image of monkey shaking its neck with below given note:

  • You have been hacked! Maniak k4sur was here! Greetz to all hackers. Indonesian hacker!!

Meanwhile the website of Jasper County Police was displaying a .txt file uploaded by the hacker on site’s image gallery with below mentioned message: 

  • 0wn3d By Maniak k4Sur.. :D


Links of targeted sites along with their mirrors are available below:

Hackers have been targeting and successfully hacking government owned websites of the United States. Just a week ago AnonGhost  had hacked Hillside Illinois Police Department website against NATO Strikes and 8 NASA domains were hacked the same day.

At the time of publishing this article, website of Fairfield Police, NJ was restored while the Jasper County Police, IN was displaying .txt file uploaded by the hacker.


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