Mark Zuckerberg Presents Facebook Search Engine aka Graph Search

Facebook has announced its very own search engine in an event organized by the Facebook officials to announce its new fascinating product. Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced this news and shocked everyone not only in the event but people all around the world. Many speculations were made on it by many leading analyst, the most popular among them were: Facebook launching its first Smartphone, Facebook announcing its new advertising network,Facebook charging a fee against the sending of the messages.

The main reason behind this particular step from Facebook was that web search engines weren’t really allowing its new products to be advertised properly, the Facebook’s CEO told the reporters. The new search engine will allow Facebook’s 1 billion people community to easily find places, people, photos videos shared on social network. Though search engine is still in process, but would certainly have all the above mentioned functions.

The Facebook’s search engine would be powered by Graph search and the result ‘mapped out Graph search would be shown, this is due to a deal between Bing and Facebook. Facebook users will also be having an option to opt their shared content. The CEO said the users don’t really need to worry about their content as it is secured under Facebook.

Due to this particular announcement Facebook’s shares got a high worth in the past weeks, as everyone was speculating something fantastic from one of the online giants. We would be telling you about the search in more detail when it’s fully launched. At this point, it would be available in a beta version and to a limited people.

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