Massive Cyber Attack on Election Commission of Pakistan Servers by Asian & Russian Hackers

The official website and server at Election Commission of Pakistan has been shutdown deliberately after a massive cyber attack from Russian and hackers from some Asian countries.

The reason remains unknown, however Khizar Aziz, Director General IT, at the ECP told media that some unknown Asian and Russian hackers had launched a strong cyber attacks on the website but these attacks were foiled, adding all the data of the Election Commission, posted on the website, is saved.

“Had our host server was based in Pakistan, then there could have been immense loss,” he said, adding ECP host server is based in Canada, which now being transferred to more secure server.

Mr. Aziz cleared that website has been shutdown deliberately as a tactic to avoid any further attack or damage.

Election Commission of Pakistan has ordered its IT department to shift their servers from existing one to a stronger one so that site can be available for public as the elections are to held in May 2013.

Despite the ECP’s claim, it is not certain if hackers got access of the crucial data on all the political parties of the country.


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