Massive Israeli Government Dox by PirateCr3w

PirateCr3w has leaked massive data on Israel, the leaked data belongs to top Israeli government websites Including Prime Minister Office of Israel, Pro Israel, Israel Science Dept, & Scientology Organization.

PirateCr3w posted their Bio on Pastebin  for better understanding of what they are doing and why.

According to the group:

Hello We are PirateCr3w and here is a little about ourselves
No we are not associated with Pirate Cr3w (With a space) learn the difference… I am not in any way African American, get that straight as well.

I uploaded a D0X on a Palestinian site, Domainer was the mastermind :)
Basically we are about opening up and exploiting corrupt Governments, we also target Israel, animal abusers, women abusers, child abusers and Pedophiles.

Right now we are still recruiting our members before we set sail on april the 29th 2012.. But until then we will hack with our current members. We have a day #TT = Target Tuesdays where our members get together in a certain chat room and discuss who we will target that week.

I am J0K3R my twitter is @PirateCr3w The other leader/ recruiter is @txixmx

Greetz 2 our members – @neur0xide @Mr_lurks_Moar @d1g1t4l_Sage @txixmx @Rose_Madd3r @AnonWisewoman @_0nslaught

When we want a job done we will do it, if we brag about something we will come through with what we are bragging about. We are not attention seeking whores like those skids all over twitter & youtube etc..

All  leaked Dox can be found on following links:

Basic server dox on

D0X against

Basic DoX on

Basic DoX on

Basic DoX on

Basic DoX on consternation

Dox all in one:

All the leaked Dox contains username, addresses, emails, contact details, phone numbers and server details.



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