McDonald’s Drive-Thru Intercom Wireless Frequency System Hacked

The McDonald’s is quite popular among young and adults alike. Every day the franchise receives a huge number of Big Mac lovers and a majority chooses to use the drive-thru facility to avoid the crowd. Some try to place an order from home to enjoy their favorite meal without going out.

This Sunday, some customers who opted to get their meal from the drive-thru service of McDonald’s at the New Bern, N.C., received an unexpected message after placing their order.

Usually, the customers are greeted by a standard message by the McDonald’s team when they have finished placing the order. On Sunday the people visiting the drive-thru were expecting the same customary message but, they heard an unusual voice making some rather irrelevant statements. The voice was heard as stating:

“You know I’m actually on the toilet right now and I’m just going to serve you your food. I’m not even going to wash my hands. I’m trying to get some special sauce out right now. You know what just pull forward because I’m going to give you whatever the f— I feel like giving you.”

The incident was captured on video by a customer, in which an unrelated voice can be heard uttering the above-mentioned statements over the intercom.

The franchise owner Bill Purcell was immediately informed by an employee and it was identified that the wireless frequency of the drive-thru’s intercom system has been hacked.

It is unclear how the system was hacked however WCTI reports that Purcell has issued a statement regarding this incident on Monday, which stated:

“We are investigating this matter with the help of the New Bern Police Department. In addition, we are taking steps to prevent this isolated incident from happening again. As local owners, our biggest priority is our customers and community and we want to ensure that every experience at our restaurant is a positive one.”

Watch the video here and keep in mind the audio is NSFW

We knew about advertisement screens and billboards getting hacked and defaced with pornographic videos but McDonald’s drive-thru intercom wireless frequency system? One didn’t see that coming.

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