Cyber War: McDonalds Indonesia and 914 Websites Hacked by BD Grey Hat Hackers

Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indonesian hackers is at peak where hackers from both sides are attacking each other’s cyber space, this time the official website of McDonalds Indonesia was hacked and defaced by BD Grey Hat Hackers.

The same day a Pakistani hacker aiding Bangladeshi hacker going with the handle of Dr@cul@ had hacked and defaced 914 Indonesian websites yesterday.

Both hacks were announced by hackers on their official Facebook page with warning messages to Indonesian hackers:

McDonald’s Hacked by Ablaze Ever BD GREY HAT HACKERS! Hello Indonesia This is Dr@cul@ From BD GREY HAT HACKERS Hope you all Will Be Fine After Watching These Shits :P Never Challenge us.

Other then above mentioned hacks, the BD Grey Hat Hackers have been hacking several Indonesian government sites including its finance department and several religious affair and court sites.

Link of hacked McDonalds Indonesia website along with its mirror is available below, while list of 914 hacked sites by Dr@cul@ can be found here.

More updates of ongoing cyber war between two countries can be seen here.

At the time of publishing this article, McDonalds Indonesia website was restored and working online.



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