Windows10 Anniversary Update Causing Devices to Crash – Yet Again!

After messing around with users’ webcams the Microsoft’s Windows10 Anniversary Update is now causing crash whenever an Amazon Kindle is connected through USB.

Microsoft has released its Windows 10 anniversary update recently and received criticism from all fronts especially when it was revealed that the updated caused webcam malfunction worldwide. Now, the anniversary update is creating more issues for users and computer machines alike.

The latest affectees of this update are the Kindle e-readers because the Paperwhite and Voyager devices of Kindle are getting the PCs that run this update hanged. The computers get locked and the most feared blue screen of death starts displaying whenever the e-readers are connected through USB.

According to reports from the Guardian, Microsoft is trying to fix this issue but the company hasn’t issued any statement to explain why this problem is occurring.

In an official statement, Microsoft stated that the company is aware of the issue but also claims that only a “small number of Kindle Voyager and Paperwhite e-readers causing an unexpected behavior when plugged into Windows 10 devices after installing the Anniversary update.”

There is yet no fix identified for running Kindle devices without getting the PC locked. However, according to some users, if the Kindle is plugged into the PC when the machine is rebooting, then once the PC restarts, it becomes possible to use Kindle like we normally do and transferring files also becomes possible. The problem persists if the users plug-in Kindle after the PC has rebooted because of this way, the PC gets locked-up again.

It must be noted that the Windows 10 anniversary update has remained in the news for all the wrong reasons lately as this is the third problem that has been reported involving the update and hardware devices getting crashed.

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This has pointed fingers on the reliability of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program. According to Microsoft, beta testers mustn’t be used for previewing builds on your PC because of its potential instability.

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