Microsoft Declares Ask toolbar as Dangerous Malware

In April 2015, we reported how toolbar is working as a malware to hijack your computer. Now proving our claim right, previous Ask Jeeves toolbar versions have been declared by Microsoft as malware which will be taken as a security threat and killed wherever found on a computer.

Updating its Malware Protection Center site on June 11, Microsoft stated that previous versions of Ask toolbar that set itself up as a homepage and all searches were redirected through Ask’s search engine now breached Redmond’s policies. The current version is fine but vintage Ask toolbars will be located and deleted.


According to Microsoft’s advisory:

“Older versions of software can restrict or limit your control over your search provider. It can prevent you from disabling or modifying your search provider. This software poses a high threat to your PC.”

Ask also confirmed to The Reg that it’s “toolbar is fully compliant with Microsoft policies” and also acknowledged that automatic updating of its software to the current version is indeed necessary every time the browser is opened. However, an Ask spokeswoman stated that just 1percent user base of Ask has been affected by this change.

Ask, which was previously known for its Jeeves butler logo, has 0.26% capturing of the global search engine market. is maintained by New York’s IAC/InterActiveCorp, a firm that owns various other sites like, ShoeBuy and Tinder.’s spokeswoman, who requested anonymity, explained that this toolbar is: 

“Distributed through partnerships with software companies like Oracle who provide free software to consumers.”

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