Microsoft is Force-Downloading Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8 Machines

As reported previously how Microsoft released updates to spy on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Users just like it does on Windows 10.

Now the firm has done it once again! The news has been making rounds on the Internet that Windows 10 is being force-downloaded automatically on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 machines through Windows Update.

Surprisingly, the files are being downloaded for those users too who have not even opted to upgrade their machines or computers to the latest Windows 10 operating system using Microsoft’s app.

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Also, this ‘unexpected’ action has been confirmed by the Redmond-based company when few reporters reached for the official statement. The company confirmed that they have chosen to take this step in order to make it easier for the old operating system users to upgrade their computer to the latest OS seamlessly.

When The Inquirer asked Microsoft to comment on the issue, the spokesperson responded in a statement:

For those who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help customers prepare their devices for Windows 10 by downloading the files necessary for future installation. This result in better upgrades experience and ensures the customer’s device has the latest software.” 

It is understandable that having an image for operating system pre-downloaded onto the user’s hard disk drive is worthy for those who have planned to upgrade their computer, but on the other hand, for those who are not willing to upgrade it could turn out to be problematic.  

Apparently, the reason is the total size of the Windows 10 update file that could be somewhere between 4 gigabytes to 6 gigabytes. However, the size is not much for many but for those who are using metered or limited Internet connection like low data consumers, this could turn out to be devastating and add up to their addition Internet billing expenses.

Those users who are using low-speed Internet connections, downloading of these unnecessary Windows 10 upgrade files would affect their day-to-day Internet usage experience for longer period of time because of the huge operating system update chunks would be downloading.

Moreover, those who are running tablet PC’s or mobile devices with limited 32GB of storage capacities, 4 to 6 gigabytes of Windows update is rather space consuming. And no user would like to have Windows store that huge data onto their computer without their permission.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, has become one of the most discussed operating systems since after its public release on July 29th due to the number of privacy concerns and issues.

Despite all the noteworthy privacy and security concerns, the users of the latest operating system have already crossed 75 million marks. So in an attempt to make users aware about the privacy issues and how Microsoft is spying on its users, a YouTube user goes out of his way to write a song about it to spread the message.

The Inquirer

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