Microsoft Innovations for 2023: What to Look Out for This Year

Microsoft Innovations for 2023: What to Look Out for This Year

Over the past several decades, Microsoft has continually been a leader in computer and technological innovations. As we enter into 2023, Microsoft continues to innovate by introducing new products and services that are reshaping our lives. This article will highlight some of the most significant Microsoft innovations that could make an impact in 2023 and beyond.

Windows 11 Updates

Microsoft Windows 11 is the latest operating system available for PCs. With Windows 11 version 22H2 Microsoft has launched a new system called “Moments.” The purpose is to provide continuous innovations to Windows users.

So, instead of waiting for annual updates to the Windows system, users can experience new features every few months. The next Windows update, which is Moments 2, is expected to be released in February and March of 2023.

If you’re a Windows 11 user, you can expect new features like:

  • Table mode taskbar
  • System tray updates
  • More search bar options
  • Full-screen widgets panel
  • Voice access enhancements

Alongside a major user interface redesign, one other big update found inside Windows 11 is Cortana – Microsoft’s voice-activated digital assistant originally designed for mobile phones.

Users can use Cortana to quickly locate files stored or their email client anywhere on their machines, as well as ask questions about anything related to information found online.

Furthermore, Microsoft is planning a Moment 3 release during late spring or early summer. However, it’s too early to say what the innovations will include for this launch. On the other hand, there are rumours that the brand is considering significant improvements for laptops. There may also be some improvements to apps and the launch of the Outlook web app

One of the key advantages of upgrading to Windows 11 is its improved performance over earlier versions of the OS. This includes faster boot times, quicker app loading times, and better overall responsiveness from your PC or laptop when switching between tasks and running multiple programs simultaneously.

Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft Teams for Education is a digital social hub that brings apps, conversations, and content together on a streamlined platform. With this platform, educators can create collaborative classrooms and even communicate with school staff.

2023 has kicked off to a good start for the platform as Microsoft has introduced new features to make it easier for educators to organize their work.

Jupyter Notebook Integration

The first notable integration is that Python script files and Python Jupyter Notebooks can now be rendered in Teams Assignments.

Students and teachers can now distribute, edit and execute Python code on the platform. This means users don’t have to set up a separate coding environment. Help or feedback can be given under Python Notebooks to assist team members.

Team Meetings

Microsoft Teams has made it easier for the deaf community to communicate with team members. In Meetings, there is now a Sign Language View option. Hosts are able to prioritize two other videos, so they are always visible during the meeting.

When Sign Language View is activated, the video streams automatically on the right-hand side of the viewer’s screen. Sign Language View is personal to you, so it won’t affect what other team members see in the meeting.

Quizzes or Polls

Some teachers use quizzes or questionnaires to test their student’s knowledge of the work they’ve learned. Educators can now expand these check-ins by creating multiple questions under one poll.

Additionally, teachers can add images to polls to help students process questions. Students can select these images to enlarge them in a new browser for better visibility.

Parent Meetings

Some parents can’t travel to meet teachers regularly. So to save time, there is a parent meetings scheduler that allows for improved communication between educators and parents. Educators can create individual profiles for each student’s parent or guardian. The teacher can then schedule meetings at times that are convenient for all parties involved.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft has made several improvements to Forms. Most notably, there is a change in cover page designs and more ways to distribute your forms. So if you want to design a survey or a registration form, you now have more options to design your cover pages.

With regards to form distributions, you can now send your forms through multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Teams, or through QR codes.

Users can also add images as an answer in Microsoft Forms. This feature is available to all Business and Education accounts. You can also create multi-question polls to collect valuable data from your audience. Create multiple polls and then schedule them at different times during your meetings.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft is constantly creating new and innovative ways to improve technology for users. This makes it easier for people to run businesses or collaborate on large projects. It’s going to be an exciting year for Microsoft users, especially for those who use Teams regularly.

Those who use Windows 11 operating systems can expect regular updates and added features throughout the year. These updates can improve device performance and boost productivity. Keep an eye out for more Microsoft innovations to come in 2023.

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