Microsoft Outlook Users Targeted with Account Termination Phishing Scam

Another Phishing Scam Targeting Microsoft Outlook – The Request To Terminate Outlook Account Email is nothing but a Fraud.

A new wave of phishing scams targeting Microsoft outlook has emerged. In this latest feat, an email is being sent to users.

The email states that a request from you has been received by the “Microsoft Account Team” to terminate your account.

Further, it says that if you have not made any such request then you need to open the attached file to cancel the impending termination.

In reality, Microsoft is not the sender of this email and the claims made are also untrue.

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Example Email:


Now you must have got the point.., it is a Phishing Scam! In typical phishing scam fashion, this email urges users to save their account from termination by opening the attachment.

However, once you click on and open the attached PDF file, it will re-state the claim made in the email and will request you to visit the link it contains.

This will be a fake Microsoft Account Login Page. You will be asked for entering your credentials. After doing as directed, you will be taken to a genuine Microsoft webpage.

Meanwhile, the scammers will collect the credentials you have entered.

Microsoft Account Login is the term used for the exclusive username and password you use for entering Microsoft website and using all of its services. It used to be known as Windows Live ID.

The importance of this login information for criminals is immense because they can easily hijack several Microsoft services and use them for committing fraudulent activities on your behalf.

Therefore, you must refrain from opening any attachment or clicking on the link this sort of an email contains no matter how compelled you may feel. You have been Warned!

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