Download Microsoft Pix App for Stunning Photo Results on Apple Devices

Microsoft Pix is an amazing cam app for iPhone — We tried it and you should download it as well!

Microsoft Pix—is it a Better Cam App for Apple Devices? We have been trying to identify the real reason behind claims by Microsoft that its new cam app Microsoft Pix is the best app for iPhones and iPads. After rigorous research and careful analysis, we have come to the conclusion that it is not just a bold statement; the app is actually quite good.

Why is it so.. you may want to ask. Let us explain why we believe that Microsoft Pix is worth a shot.

How would you feel if an app adjusts the settings of your phone camera using IA to give you the perfect shot? You would like that for sure. Who doesn’t want an app that handles everything from exposure controls to HDR modes and such complicated settings and stuff?

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Now here is the catch… Microsoft Pix (iTunes link) does just that. All you have to do is click and that’s it, the rest will be handled by the app and you will get a crisp and clear shot just like a professional photographer does. In fact, that’s what Microsoft claims, that this app can help you take pictures as perfect as professional photographers would take should they start using smartphones for this purpose.


We all have had to deal with the problem of heavy backlighting while taking pictures. The problem is particularly severe with iPhones while generally, all smartphones have this issue. Heavy backlighting destroys an image because the light on the back or an object beside the main subject comes brighter. This usually happens when we are sitting or standing in front of a window on a bright, sunny day. The subject then comes darker while the background looks brighter.

Microsoft Pix can prevent this from sabotaging our photographic sprees. It works to achieve this by brightening the selected parts of an image instead of making the whole scene bright. So, your efforts are basically minimized considerably because you won’t have to do the adjustments manually. If there are more than one people in the picture, then you will get a brighter image. Because this app can locate humans in a picture and then it adjusts exposure, HDR settings and contrast accordingly to accentuate the subjects instead of the environment.

Another point to note is that the entire process doesn’t happen on Cloud. There are plentiful features in this app that helps in minimizing human efforts required to do justice to a picture. Such as it has a clever Best Shot mode, which is probably the best feature of this app. Since the app is taking pictures all the time when it is enabled, without even you pressing the shutter button, therefore, it selects the best images from the lot. There are some pre-set criteria that the app takes into consideration while making selections such as the pose of the subjects, smiles, eyes and motion are clearly visible or blurred/inappropriate. The measuring is done by the Artificial Intelligence and out of 10 frames, only the best one is selected.

This feature is also helpful because you don’t need to fill up your camera roll to capture that perfect pose. You can just go through the list of images and make selections on your own. Another great use of this feature is to ensure noise reduction. The app takes 10 frames of an image to reduce noise.

The biggest catch is related to Live Images feature on Apple devices. Usually what we get are blurry images on Live photos but Microsoft Pix makes them stand out and worth saving by creating Live Photos only when it supposes that you would want to take them. The blurriness is overcome by this app through Microsoft’s Hyperlapse feature, which helps in image stabilization.

Microsoft will be launching video feature for iOS devices through this app and then the company will launch a version of this app for Android and Windows Phone.

However, to some, this lack of control over our pictures seems more of a nuisance than a blessing. What if we want to focus on the background and not the subject? The answer is, simply disable the app and go on with your creative skills. However, we do believe that the app should have a manual mode that somewhat reduced the limitations and restrictions on human involvement.

Want to see how Microsoft Pix makes pictures different and is a better option for iOS devices? Here is an example:

With Apple camera:

With Apple camera / Image Source: Microsoft

With Microsoft Pix

With Microsoft Pix / Image Source: Microsoft

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