Microsoft sued again over frustrating Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft has been sued again — This time by three users in the United States and one from Israel!

The technology giant Microsoft has been sued again for its frustrating Windows 10 upgrade tactics. The first in the list is a lawsuit from Florida, United States and second lawsuit comes all the way back from the Haifa city of Israel.

In U.S. District Court Florida, three men filed a lawsuit against Microsoft blaming the firm of violating Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules, unsolicited electronic advertisements and deceptive upgrading tactics of existing OS to Windows 10, reports Seattle Times.

The second lawsuit comes from Israel in which a user is seeking class-action status. The user blamed Mircosoft for upgrading their computer to Windows 10 without their consent as such tactics are against computer laws in Israel.

Microsoft told Seattle Times that ”Windows 10 are a choice, not a requirement and that Microsoft offers free customer support for those who run into trouble. People who update to Windows 10 can roll back to their prior system for 31 days afterward.”

The aforementioned statement is not really true as PC World identified 10 nasty popups in which Microsoft has been tricking users into upgrading their existing OS to Windows 10. That’s not all; Microsoft also announced that users can only upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free till 31st July, from 1st August 2016 Windows 7 and 8 users will have to pay a sum of $119 to get Windows 10 on their PCs.

However, this is not the first time when Mircosoft has been sued for its irritating upgrade tactics. Just last month; a California travel agent sued the firm for upgrading her work PC to Windows 10 against her consent making it slow and impossible to use. Microsoft then paid the woman a sum of $10,000.

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