Microsoft’ New Feature to Protect Windows 10 from Ransomware

Since ransomware are quite common nowadays, and no device is spared from the malicious objectives of cybercriminals, therefore, security firms and tech giants are trying to provide some reliable solutions to users.

It is a fact that just by installing anti-virus software it is not possible to properly secure your computer through becoming a victim of ransomware. This is why Microsoft has now introduced Controlled Folder Access feature in its Windows Defender Security Center that is available for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (v1709).

By enabling Controlled Folder Access (CFA) on a folder, it will be possible to continuously monitor the changes in the system in real-time and timely identify any unauthorized access. In case an unauthorized process attempts to access that folder, which has been protected with CFA, it will immediately be blocked, and the user will be notified.

On the other hand, users can choose to enable CFA feature on all Library folders including Documents, Videos, Favorites, Pictures, and Music, etc. It will also secure the Desktop as the folders in Library are default folders. It is also possible to add new folders to this list, but it is not possible to modify the location of the folders in the Library or move them from one folder to another once these have been added to the protected list. If this is done, then the folder will not be protected by CFA anymore.

To enable CFA simply open Windows Defender Security Center and follow this sequence: Open>Virus & Threat Protection>Controlled Folder Access. The feature will be disabled by default; therefore, you will need to enable it manually.

Windows defender security center

There, you will find two options namely: “Protected Folders” and “Allow an App Through Controlled Folder Access.” If you select “Protected Folders”, you will be able to scroll through and manage the currently protected folders, but you cannot remove a folder from this list only add new ones.

Almost all the apps can be protected with CFA, but it will be decided by Microsoft if an app can be secured with this feature or not. If an app is blocked, but you need to add it to protected folders list then click on “Allow an App Through Controlled Folder Access” option and then click on Add an “Allowed App.”

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