Windows 10 Start Menu- Microsoft’s Chosen Platform for Displaying Online Ads

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is known for collecting personal data of its users, but who thought the firm will be forcefully displaying ads on your desktop?

Online ads emerging from nowhere on your desktop is a regular sighting. It is probably part and parcel of internet usage and we all have grown accustomed to it. 

However, it is definitely surprising, irritating and of course alarming when these online ads start appearing on your Windows’ Start Menu.

This is exactly what’s been happening to users who have updated to Windows 10’s build 10565.

These, although are not indecent ads such as porn or anything that could be termed as objectionable such as Vieira rather they are ads for applications.

Microsoft defends these ads as informatory ones because these tend to fall under the category of 

“Suggested Apps.”

Microsoft also regards it as a Feature that it has launched with Windows 10. One may wonder whether this new feature will be well-received or well-appreciated?

It seems that Microsoft decided to use every single pixel of the Start Menu and thus, came up with the suggestion section nestled between listings of Documents/Networks/Most-used Apps and similar links.

The general public may not approve the random apps appearing on their desktop’s Start menu and a majority would prefer to use the Switch Off Suggestions feature, which thankfully is available.


To disable this feature all you need to do is right click on the suggestion option and choose to hide future suggestions. 

Alternately, you can follow this pattern:

Settings > Personalization > Start and pin the Occasionally Show option from the Start setting.

Microsoft was contacted for a response and clarification about their decision to make the Start menu a marketplace for new apps and to understand how the OS tailors these suggestions but we have yet to receive any feedback.

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