If You Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10 Now – You Will Have to Pay $119 Later

Microsoft will charge you $119 from 29th July 2016 in order to update your operating system from Windows 7 and Win 8 to Windows 10 — It’s a do or die situation!

Microsoft has been forcing users to update their OS from Windows 7 and Win 8 to Windows 10 but who knew the tech giant will go to such level of desperation? The officials have clarified that Microsoft’s free upgrade offer to Windows 10 from Win 7 or Win 8 would expire within one year and there won’t be any extensions given by the company. It was revealed by Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group’s corporate VP Yusuf Mehdi that:

“The free upgrade offer to Windows 10 was a first for Microsoft, helping people upgrade faster than ever before. And time is running out. The free upgrade offer will end on July 29 and we want to make sure you don’t miss out. After July 29th, you’ll be able to continue to get Windows 10 on a new device, or purchase a full version of Windows 10 Home for $119.”

If you were concerned about Windows 10 spying tactics you a have bigger issue to think about and it will cost you $119

You can still avail the free offer and upgrade to the latest Windows version because there is plenty of time left. However, as soon as the offer expires, you will have to buy the licensed Win 10 or choose to buy a new Desktop that runs on Win 10.

Critics and experts are not speculating about another possibility, that would Microsoft charge for future Win 10 upgrades and updates or not? Would the software giant roll out an update that will transform Win 10 into a subscription device and start charging the users some amount for receiving most recent updates and security-related upgrades? But the YouTube video from the marketing manager at Microsoft Bryan Roper has ruled out any of these possibilities since Roper stated that:

“If you upgrade today, not only will you get your hands on a ton of new awesome stuff that will work as soon as you upgrade, upgrading now means you’re going to get all future updates for free, like the Anniversary update that’s coming soon.”

This means not just we get free Win 10 OS until July 29th but we can expect to receive free updates in future as well.

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It was also announced by Microsoft that currently 300 million active devices are running Windows 10, which is certainly a huge hike from 270 million devices estimated to be running this new version by the end of March this year. The numbers only represent the active devices and don’t include those that upgraded to Win 10 and then switched back to the previous Windows version.

This means Microsoft is quickly reaching its target of 1 billion Win 10 installation within merely first 2 or 3 years of the operating system’s release. Let’s see if Microsoft will be able to maintain this rate of installations once the free upgrade offer expires.

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