Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard for iPhone Makes Texting Easy

This keyboard makes it easy for people to chat with just one hand — It’s only available in US-based iOS stores.

Now that Windows Phone failed to leave a mark and Windows 10 Mobile isn’t going places, Microsoft‘s is now on a fierce mission to lead the race with iPhone by its apps. Microsoft’s came up with Word Flow its latest keyboard replacement app, Word Flow is currently only available in English in the U.S. by this latest offering the dream of typing with one hand is now a virtual reality. Word Flow can also be used like a regular QWERTY keyboard.

On the other hand, texting happens by swiping through words by a feature called “swipe” to construct strings of words and sentences. However, what actually takes the cake is an astonishing feature called the “arc” mode; which upon activation, wrinkles up and grinds the keyboard into an arc (especially for lefties and righties), which keeps your one hand free, mainly on larger iPhones.

Word Flow not only comes with a projecting algorithm for word anticipation meant for faster texting but you can also modify the app’s background.

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Texting faster on iPhone 6 is nothing big for Word Flow, however, those who are new to “Swype” will have to get used to it with a bit of learning to get accustomed with the pattern. The predictive Al is smart but it was already there as the iPhone keyboard’s default autocorrect.

Word Flow’s lack of different outlines reminds us of Google’s Android Keyboard; a little bit of familiarizing will definitely help. Earlier on, Microsoft released Hub Keyboard, a keyboard for iPhone which fetches contexts from various services. It wasn’t very impressive and had users complaining about being slow and buggy; it holds a two-star rating at the App Store as of now.

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