China’s Newest Invention: The Minesweeping Robot

In Swahili (a language spoken in Middle East and East African region), they say ‘Dawa ya moto ni moto’, it means ‘Fight fire with fire.’ China has done something similar by creating Rocket robot who will help the military in mine sweeping. 

The Chinese Rocket robot uses this principle to save human lives. The rocket robot comes with the easiest solution to the complex equations of clearing landmines in a battlefield. It blows up the minefields without placing human lives in danger. Isn’t this great?

Features which come with the robot

The rocket robot has a dark green ammunition box which contains an explosive rope. The explosive rope is about 40 to 50 meters and it is wound inside the ammunition box. There are two rockets which are attached to the explosive rope on either side of the robot. The rockets are launched over minefields or any other obstacles.

chinas-newest-invention-the-minesweeping-robot (2)
Image via: and China Defense Forum

Just like any other robot, there is a control mechanism for the Rocket Robot. Its control mechanism includes a screen which is used for viewing video feed from the robot’s camera mast, a standard RC control system and another screen for receiving updates from the robot. Engineers can clear the minefields very quickly with the help of the remote-operated MCLC launcher. This means that they can stay away from the enemy fires by using the robot proxies.

Assault Breacher Vehicle

This assault breacher vehicle is a product of the USMC and it shoots huge amounts of explosive MCLC to clear the battlefield mines. It is heavily armored and weighs 72 tons. This huge weight makes the vehicle to have a huge tail. This is where the smaller MCLC rocket robot comes in handy as it is smaller in size and weight.

In the field

During the testing of the MCLC Rocket Robot, the robot was made to deploy its rocket pulled explosive lines (white in color). Not only can the explosives be used to blow up the land mines in a battlefield, but they can also be used to destroy enemy infantry inside buildings or trenches.

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