More 100+ Israeli Websites Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

As we have been keeping you updated with CapoO_TunisiAnoO’s hacks against Israel, here is another hit back by one man army of well know hacker from Tunisia. This time CapoO_TunisiAnoO has hacked over 100 Israeli websites, leaving his deface page and a message for Israel in support of Palestine.

According to the deface message:

CapoO_TunisiAnoO Own’ed you

There is NO israel-a-la carte

It is land of Palestine

Gtx for All Muslims Hackerzs 

This is Israeli occupation Palestine History.

List of all hacked websites and mirrors are available here

CapoO_TunisiAnoO hacked 125 Israeli website last week, making his total number of  hacked Israeli websites up to 1400.

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