More 252 Mostly Pakistani Websites Hacked by Indian Cyber L33T

Indian Cyber L33T group has hacked 252 websites mostly from Pakistan, leaving their deface page on the hacked websites along with a song supporting the Palestine cause.  Hackers also left a message for Pakistani hackers.

  • hello frndz..
  • Indian Cyber L33T Bang again ..
  • We r True Indian Hackers
  • Message to Porkies —> think it as a PAYBACK Mother Fuckers , u never in a mind of peace with indians ..u still continuing defaceing innocent indian sites , Don,t try our patience otherise we will paralize your whole economy !  Kashmir Is Our’s And Will Be Our’s Forver ! ——————————————
  • we r—> Silent H@cKer , ShOrTy420 , Nyro H@cker , ÅwęśøMę RágĦåv , SuperkHung , Indian Cyber Pirates & All Indian H@cKer.
List of Hacked websites:

Website list and message is also available on


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