Indian Cyber L33T group has hacked 252 websites mostly from Pakistan, leaving their deface page on the hacked websites along with a song supporting the Palestine cause.  Hackers also left a message for Pakistani hackers.

  • hello frndz..
  • Indian Cyber L33T Bang again ..
  • We r True Indian Hackers
  • Message to Porkies —> think it as a PAYBACK Mother Fuckers , u never in a mind of peace with indians ..u still continuing defaceing innocent indian sites , Don,t try our patience otherise we will paralize your whole economy !  Kashmir Is Our’s And Will Be Our’s Forver ! ——————————————
  • we r—> Silent H@cKer , ShOrTy420 , Nyro H@cker , ÅwęśøMę RágĦåv , SuperkHung , Indian Cyber Pirates & All Indian H@cKer.
List of Hacked websites:

Website list and message is also available on


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