More 7000 Israel credit cards Leaked on Internet

This month is hard on those Israelis who own a credit card, as the hackers kept on hacking Israeli credit cards and exposing them on the internet. This time its the Kosova Hacker’s Security Group who have announced that they have hacked 7000 Israeli credit cards and leaked the details on the internet today.

Last week it was Ox Omar, a Saudi hacker who hacked million Israeli credit cards and leaked the details online, then Anonymous Hackers who hacked SCADA’s website and leaked the logins over the internet. That was when Israeli government announced to treat hacker like terrorists.

Three members of Kosave Hackers group, ThEtA.Nu, Th3 Dir3ctorY & X|CRIPO leaked the complete list of 7000 Credit Cards, including names of card owners, passwords, expiry date and addresses.  Credit Card list is available on Tinypaste.

Until now there has been no official statement either from the Israeli government or the bank. It would be interesting to see what would Israel do in such condition when its online users are no more safe from hackers?


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