More Leaks Coming Up in 2013,says WikiLeaks Founder

wikileaks-2013Founder of WikiLeaks , Julian Assange is all set to leak one million documents belonging to different countries . This was declared by Assange on the Christmas day while standing outside the Ecuador embassy. Assange these days has been house arrested in the Ecuador embassy following his confidential document leaks that belonged to different government to the general public before. All his bank donations are boycotted and he is not being allowed move anywhere. Assange in a defiant speech on Christmas day broke out the above mentioned new about the leaks.

This was his second address from the balcony, since he had taken refuge in the embassy to avoid sexual assault charges in Sweden. He said in his address to his followers that he would continue his mission regardless of any hurdles created by any law enforcement forces.

He also said he would continue to remain at the embassy till his native country, Australia defends his journalism. But he said he is open to negotiations with the authorities:

“However, the door is open, and the door has always been open, for anyone who wishes to use standard procedures to speak to me or guarantee my safe passage,” he said.

While telling about his case in Sweden he said that it was more due to political pressures, which opened such a case against him. He said if he is arrested by the Sweden authorities, they might handover him to the U.S. government for prosecution and if he gets out of the embassy the Sweden authorities might arrest him. Earlier this year we saw a number of leaks from WikiLeaks which involved: Detainee Policies ( A document which has all the rules and regulation regarding the detainees in the U.S. military), SpyFiles, GI Files (Global Intelligence Files & Five Million E-mails From Stratfor) and The Syria Files ( which contains 2.5 Million Emails of Syrian Politicians, Government, Ministries & Companies).

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