Moses Staff Hackers Publishes Footage of Explosion in Jerusalem

Moses Staff Hackers Publish Footage of Jerusalem Explosion

According to claims made by Moses Staff hackers, they hacked a major Israeli security firm to access and leak the footage.

In a dramatic series of events, an Iranian hacker group by the name of Moses Staff published footage of the bombing attack in Jerusalem on its Telegram group. As seen by, Moses Staff claims to have hacked the surveillance cameras belonging to a major Israeli security organization.

Along with the video, there was a Hebrew inscription that said “for a long time we had control over all your activities – step by step, moment by moment.” The video showed the exact moment of the explosion near Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station. Moses Staff also claims that it “formatted the hard drive of the camera.”

Moses Staff Hackers Publishes Footage of Jerusalem Explosion
Moses Staff on Telegram (Image:

However, according to the Times of Israel, authorities have denied that any such camera was hacked. They even denied operating security cameras in the area claiming that “the footage was not taken by a camera belonging to the city.”

The bombing resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy while at least 18 others were injured. However, this is not the first time Moses Staff has initiated action in what appears to be a war between Iran and Israel in the cyber domain.

The group has previously published details of Israeli soldiers, personal documents from Israeli companies, and leaks of hundreds of thousands of Israelis. It even distributed photos about a year ago that were reportedly taken at Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s house. Lastly, they also claim to have high-quality satellite photos of Israel. 

How they proceed from here onwards will only be revealed with time but they have already made their intentions clear with a strongly-worded message on their Telegram:

“We have news, reports, operational maps, and information about your units and forces. We will publish this information to inform the whole world of your crimes.”

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