Mozilla Firefox Official Website, Forum and Blog Hacked by Cybersec Hacking Crew

Official website of Mozilla Firefox Denmark, along with its forum and blog as been hacked by Sbkiller hacker  from Cybersec Hacking Crew. The hacking group is a Malaysian based group.

Hckers left following deface massages on all the hacked domains:


Sbkiller Was Here!!!

Me From Cyb3rs3c Crew”

Mess With The Best Die Like The Rest

“Tell your problem here :

Visit us:

And Special Thanks To:Newbie3viLc063s | Rilekscrew | Dragonforce | Cybersec Crew | Seth Erry DotMy | Red John

List of  hacked websites:

Hacked Forum :

Hacked Blog:

Mirrors of  hacked websites :

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