Mozilla’s ‘Track This’ lets you choose fake identity to deceive advertisers

Track This is a new kind of incognito, says Mozilla.

It is a fact that everything that you do on the Internet such as using Facebook or Twitter, online shopping or aimlessly surfing the web, is being tracked. Haven’t you noticed that as soon as you search for something, ads relevant to the search start popping up on your mobile phone or desktop’s screens?

Previously users didn’t have any way out to counter this tracking issue but now, thanks to Mozilla’s Track This, it is possible to protect yourself from such wide-scale and uncalled for tracking.

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Recently, Mozilla announced that Track This will now be part of its flagship Firefox browser. The announcement revealed that every browser is helping advertisers in tracking user preferences from the language to preferred websites and from shopping platforms to items in the cart.

However, the tracking becomes a bit “shady” when cookies are used for collecting this information without users’ consent. That’s why Mozilla believes it is time that users start controlling the information advertisers collect.

“You should still have control over what advertisers know about you—if they know anything about you at all—which can be tough when web trackers operate out of sight,” the company stated.

Track This is a new site developed by Mozilla specifically to demonstrate the way advertisers track your online searches to post related ads on your screens. Track This will expose the hidden ways of third-party cookie tracking and will deceive the trackers by altering your online identity. In this regard, the site will offer four choices to the user Hypebeast, Filthy Rich, Doomsday, and Influencer. 

Here’s how Doomsday persona looks like (Screenshot credit: Track This – Mozilla)

Hypebeast persona is of a person interested most in streetwear, music, and sneakers while Supreme, Flight Club, Kith, Goat, and StockX are Hypebeast’s favorite sites. 

Filthy Rich persona is of someone who is into luxury brands, bottle services at exclusive clubs and golf courses memberships.

Doomsday is a person believing that the world is nearing its end and is searching for underground bunkers, vacuumed sealed food and latest gadgets.

Influencer is more interested in learning about Instagram, skin care, and zodiac signs and wants to have more subscribers on social media.

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Consider it your digital doppelganger of sorts but this is Mozilla’s way of protecting you from online tracking. As soon as you select one persona, Track This will open 100 different sites, all related to the selected persona so that advertisers get deceived.

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