MSN Portugal hacked and defaced by X-Line hacker

,X-Line hacker is back with his latest hack, this time the official website of MSN Portugal has been hacked and successfully defaced by the Moroccan blood.

In an email message sent by the hacker to us, X-Line announced his latest hack.

The hacker uploaded his deface page on the home page of MSN Portugal website, along with a simple deface message and greetings to his fellow hackers, according to the hacker:

MSN Portugal Owned by X-Line — Grt’z | xMjahd – Mr-H4rD3n – Mr.Benladen – Azar36.Exe – Cr4zy H4ck3r – LOv3rDns – Weebi- AlMaxhacker – Skas – Moroccan Agent Secret – Dr.spam – younes maghrabi – Joker AL-Harthy – Moulay Mrthemaroc

X-Line hacker is known for his hacks against Israel, but this is the first time when he has taken down such a well known website.

While the MSN Portugal website is a website which has been hacked second time in two days, 22 hours ago the same website was hacked and defaced by a hacker from Group x3, who goes by the handle of LOv3rDns. He also left his deface page along with a message, according to the hacker:, website get pwn3d by … LOv3rDns Shark Hidden | Hapy Dream Whith Nice Security MSNHotmail ; ) Greet’z | Net-Devil – Dr-TaiGaR

Link of hacked website:

Mirror of hacked website: (The mirror belongs to the hack done by LOv3rDns). 

This hack proves the poor security of MSN website and may put Hotmail users in danger, however, no sensitive data was leaked.

At the time of writing this article, the MSN Portugal site was hacked and displaying deface page left by the X-Line hacker.


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