MTV Taiwan Hacked & Defaced, 500,000+ User Accounts Leaked by Turkish Ajan Hacker Group

The members of Turkish Ajan Hacker Group Maxney & xXM3HM3TXx have hacked and defaced the official website of MTV ( Taiwan; as a result 500,000 accounts of site’s users have also been leaked online.

MTV Taiwan Hacked, 500,000 User Accounts Leaked by Turkish Ajan Hacker Group

I was contacted by the hackers via Twitter and explained that reason for hacking site was to raise the voice of innocent people of Palestine under Israeli occupation, hackers also left their deface page along with a Youtube video song in support of Palestine.


The 32 mb leaked data has been distributed in 4 parts, 1 SQL and 3 txt files that contains first names, usernames, Facebook profile links, job title, ranks at job, login time, emails and their clear text passwords.

The email addresses with clear text passwords also include official employees’ emails as well as that of site and Facebook page fans of MTV Taiwan.

Link of defaced website: 
Leaked data is available on SpeedyShare:

Maxney of Turkish Ajan hacker group is the same hacker who had hacked Nokia Taiwan, Avast Germany, and Casio China in past.

At the time of publishing this article, the website of MTV Taiwan was restored and working online.


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