Murders Could be the next form of cyber crime

As cyber crimes is getting sophisticated with each passing day, the experts now have now predicted a new dimension in the world of cyber crimes. This time around they have predicted the most worst form of criminal act i.e. A murder through the internet. However, they don’t see happening soon but in a year or so it may be possible.internet-murder

But, one question would be lurking everyone’s mind how it can happen ? Well, it’s not so much difficult. Let us explain you, all the systems nowadays connected to the internet these days whether it be a system related to military or a simple hospital if not it might be in some time. We also know, hacking these is not a difficult task to be carried out by hackers. So, if any hacker hacks a system which handles for example drone attacks can’t he take over drone attack on his own
pc ? Well, it’s difficult to absorb this but it’s truth that all the military equipment of a country could be handled by a hackers if it enters into any system. Furthermore, if a hacker gets into the system which is attached to a patient’s heart such as a pace maker, on his one click the patient could be died leaving no clues for a murder.

Well, all this might not happen pretty soon but they can take place. As these advanced systems would take time to be developed. So, our advice for all the system operators is to be really really alert with the hacker’s attacks as it can in return save some precious lives.

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