NATO assists Jordan to fight-off ISIS cyberattacks

NATO is assisting its member nations and partners to fend off cyberthreats. One such effort, NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS), was launched on 1 October 2014 to support Jordan in its war against ISIS or ISIL.

The NATO has set up a team of cyber experts to help Jordan defend its key infrastructure points like electricity grids, dams, and energy network. Additionally, it will help the country implement its National Cyber Defense Strategy.

The launch of the project, first of its kind, was attended by 12 NATO embassies and Chief of Intelligence of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

“Developing a National Cyber Defence Strategy is an integral step for Jordan towards improving its defence capabilities against attacks instigated by criminals or terrorist organisations, such as the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL),” said Michael Gaul, NATO’s hi-tech adviser.

Jordan has appreciated this move of NATO.

“This is a vital project for Jordan, which needs to be well-prepared to stop any cyber attack by any entity. Jordan should be vigilant so that the so-called IS or any other terrorist organisation or even any gang might target it any time,” said Jawad Abbassi, chairman of ICT Association of Jordan.

Hackers supporting ISIS/ISIL are already attacking government websites around the world. Earlier this month a Canadian church site was hacked and left with a pro-ISIS message. However, cyber attack is not the only specialty of the group. It is also good with teaching people “How to Tweet Safely‘ without giving out your location to the NSA.”

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