NATO Bulgaria Hacked by Samurai of Turk Hack Team

The famous Samurai hacker from Turk Hack Team has contacted us with his latest hack where he and his team his defaced the official website of NATO ( assigned for the Republic of Bulgaria. 

The hackers left their deface page and a simple not on the hacked website, the site which is currently down after the cyber attack was displaying image of Lil Wayne as a deface page. The note on the says:


Hacked By SaMuRa! // Black-Box // Infernal 

[email protected]

Link of targeted website:

Hacked site mirror:

Samurai and his team have been doing for high profile hacks, in past the same hackers hacked and defaced Barbados Supreme Court, Church, Military & Bank SitesCasio ElectronicsLenovo electronics and RedCross Taiwan, UNESCO Cuba, UN Philippine and World health organization Indonesia in Past.

At the time of writing this article, the NATO Bulgaria website was showing Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) message.


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