NATO prepares itself for cyber war against Russia

In an astonishing development reported in The Voice of Russia, NATO is planning to conduct its Cyber Coalition 2012 war games. VoR reported that In line with the exercise’s scenario NATO members come under cyber attacks from an aggressor, which is described as “an African country”.

At the same time, some NATO authorities accept that the alliance is planning and preparing to tackle any situation such as a deadly cyber attacks by Russians,Chinese and Iranian hackers.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry of Russia had announced its interest and bid on a cyber security program, which includes the ways of hacking security solutions such as anti-virus and firewalls. The bid will provide unlimited chances and opportunities to Russian hackers and security professionals to work with the government for Russian interests.

The NATO has taken a serious notice of the bid and seeks it as a threat for the alliance.

According to a Russian IT expert, Mr. Alexander Pisemsky, “I think that NATO needs to realize that Russia can be a strong cyber-aggressor as we always had lots of smart people here. Russia can also boast rapid IT and technological development, including state sector technologies.”

”Russian hackers are ruthless, dangerous and skillful and the government of Russia is well aware of that fact, which makes Russia an easy target of the cyber-attacks. We will take all the necessary measures to block any kind of cyber attack”. As reported by VoR.

In case if NATO goes into cyber war with Russia, it will be difficult to measure the amount of damage but one thing is certain that it will leave a negative affect on the users, specially if the Russians, Iranians and Chinese hackers go into some kind of alliance against NATO.

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