Famous South Korean Search Portal NAVER Hacked, 25 Million accounts Hacked Using Stolen Data.

famous-south-korean-search-portal-naver-hacked-25-million-accounts-hacked-using-stolen-dataA hacker going with the handle of ‘Seo’ has been arrested for breaching in to the accounts of 25 million people on NAVER, South Korea’s largest Web portal. 

According to Korea Herald, the hacker bought private information of 25 million people from an Anonymous Korean-Chinese in 2013.

The hacker then used the same data to hack into NAVER accounts. The purchased data included names, Internet IDs (profiles), passwords and telephone/mobile numbers.

A computer programmer going with the handle of ‘Hong’ was also arrested for developing hacking programs including one that automatically enters emails and passwords to log in to Naver.

The National Police Agency of South Korea has decided to expend its investigation into 86 others who bought malicious computer programs developed by Hong.

Meanwhile, an official from NAVER said that:

  • The company was not able to stop such attacks from outside sources. The best way to prevent such attacks would be changing the passwords on regular basis, so even if the accounts are compromised, the impact would be minimal.


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