NBC The Voice Casting Website Hacked, Login Accounts Leaked by Remnant

A hacker going with the handle of Remnant has breached into the official website of NBC’s The Voice (http://www.nbcthevoice.com) casting team, as a result 49 login accounts of site admin and casting crew have been leaked online.

The hack was conducted yesterday in which Remnant found a SQLI vulnerability on the site, allowing him to access the server and access to the confidential data. 

The data leaked data was uploaded on PasteBay along with a message, according to which:

Following are the admin credentials for the “NBC The Voice” casting team who go by the name of “McNulty Casting”.
The database also contained login and personal information for over 450,000 artists who auditioned for “The Voice”.
To NBC and McNulty Casting: Your security is very poor considering the amount of user data you store.

The data which is now available here contains database, usernames, emails such as [email protected], passwords in both encrypted and plain text form. 

 Yesterday, NBC The Voice Casting website was down; however at the time of publishing this article, the site is back and working online.

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