You are not alone Netflix is down for many and slow for some

You are not alone Netflix is down for some and slow for many

You are not alone, Netflix is down for many while for some users the service is taking time to load.

The online streaming giant Netflix is currently facing service outage which is playing a major role in not letting users watch movies, dramas or documentaries on the platform. According to DownDetector’s Live Map, a service that keeps track of online platforms facing connectivity issues, Netflix users in Europe have been impacted by the outage while some parts of the United States and Mexico are also facing connectivity issues.

You are not alone Netflix is down for some and slow for many

In Milan, Italy, Netflix’s website is having a tough time loading while its dashboard page also shows an error upon loading according to which “Netflix site error we were unable to process your request. Please go to Netflix home page by clicking the button below.

You are not alone Netflix is down for some and slow for many

However, upon clicking the button it does not load back to the home page but keep on trying to make a connection and goes offline. Moreover, there has been no statement from the company and users have taken the issue on Twitter to confirm if they are the only one to face the outage.

You are not alone Netflix is down for some and slow for many
The 504 Timeout error is an HTTP status code which means that one server did not receive a timely response from another server.

Tweets from Netflix users

Here are some Tweets from Netflix users wondering what is going on with the service.

Facebook and Instagram outage

A few hours ago, we exclusively reported about social media giants Facebook and Instagram logging users out and displaying server maintenance issue yet it is unclear if Netflix’s outage is related or not and whether it is a technical glitch or a cyber attack.

Remember, in October 2016, a world-renowned Domain Name Servers (DNS) service provider suffered a series of massive DDoS attacks which forced its servers to go offline. As a result, popular websites including Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Twitter and Reddit also suffered a day-long outage.

At the time of publishing this article, Netflix website was down. Expect an update soon.

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