New Crackdown on Cyber Crime in Bahrain

Bahrain’s cyber police have laid a cyber crime crack down over the sexual predators. There have been a lot of uprisings in the world of cyber crimes from the sexual predators, due to them there is lot of social abuse going on these days. The criminals have been blackmailing young women over the sharing of unethical photos of theirs. Through, this blackmailing they have been getting a lot of cash. According to the Bahrain’s cyber police cyber crime has increased by 10 times to what it was in 2006 and has become lot more sophisticated too.

In order to combat cyber crimes, Bahrain’s cyber police have taken some positive steps to curb them out of the society. Firstly, they are trying to create awareness among the women to be extra vigilant while working online especially on the social media. According to the police over 80 percent of the cases they dealt with in 2011 belonged to women. According to an official of cyber crime unit Bahrain:

“People create fake accounts on social media and start disclosing personal details of females and even post their pictures on pornographic or matrimonial sites.

“When it comes to individual cases that we deal with, the majority of them are related to social media abuses or theft mainly via Twitter and Facebook.

“During 2011 we witnessed an increase in cyber crime where social media was actively used to spread false news to fake accounts or profiles created on Twitter and Facebook.”

Not only cyber criminals are carrying out criminal activities online but they are making them sophisticated too. The official said:

“We are dealing with new patterns of crime used by individuals to cause damage to other parties,”

So, in order to ensure cyber criminals don’t get too far away they have arranged a team of forensics who great ability to resolve any level of sophisticated case:

“We are dealing with new patterns of crime used by individuals to cause damage to other parties,” said unit’s official.

In Bahrain, there are currently some penalties on discussion in the parliament 100,000 BD penalty on the hackers abusing on social media. Furthermore, imprisonment of up to 2 year is also in discussion. All the firms are said to freely contact the unit in case of any suspicious activity online. Bahrain’s cyber unit has been really active they have in past solved a number of high-profiled case with precision.

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