New York Post’s App Hacked to Send “Heil Trump” Notification

Seems like that the New York Post, which is owned by Trump-friendly media mogul Rupert Murdoch, had suffered an April’s fool hacking “joke” yesterday when its app sent a push notification stating: -Heil President Donald Trump!.”

Other posts, however, were vague or apparently religious but appeared to be directed at Trump, including a Nirvana song from 1991, and a final post signing “with Lucid Love, Selah”.

Here’s a screenshot showing what notifications were sent through the hacked app:

Image Credit: CBS

The New York Post also acknowledged the incident and issued an apology on its Twitter account stating that its push notification system had been compromised and that an effort was underway, however the Post did not mention how the system was hacked. Moreover, Trump did not tweet about the incident so far.

This is not the first time when a high-profile media outlet had their mobile related services hacked. In the past, Syrian Electronic Army had compromised Washington Post mobile site and sent anti-Saudi notifications to readers.

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