Nokia Taiwan Hacked, 100,000+ accounts leaked by Maxney of TurkishAjan Group

The famous Turkish hacker going with the handle of Maxney from TurkishAjan group has hacked four official sub-domains of Nokia website for Taiwan and leaked over 100,000 user accounts online. 

The hacker left his group’s deface page along with a deface message against Israel, US, China, EU and UN. According to the message: 

Turkish Ajan Hacker Group

Türkçe: Kalpleri taslasmis cani israilli siyonistler. Oynadiginiz tüm oyunlarin karsisinda bizi bulacaksiniz.
English: Hearts a petrified Monster Israeli Zionists. You will find us in the face of all the games you’ve played.

The hacked domains respectively belongs to Nokia’s events that take cares of all the national and international events within Nokia Taiwan, Members domain of Nokia Taiwan that stores all the details of its daily registered users, the domain of Nokia Fun that deals with all the latest offers and discounts and last but not the least the Swipe page which handles all the latest news and press releases on nokia products.  

The leaked data contains complete sales details of Nokia products in Taiwan, usernames, IP Address, Gender, Email Address, PhoneNumber, Invoice and IMEI numbers of Nokia Lumia, Nokia 610, Nokia 510, users in Taiwan and shockingly details of Facebook account and links of millions of Nokia users within Taiwan and China. 

The Facebook data even contains the user’s profile image link, page like, username, login emails, posting details, Facebook Graph search details.

The leaked data can be downloaded from here and on TurkishAjan’s official forum. While the links and mirrors of hacked websites are given below.

The leaked data is huge, posing a great danger to Nokia users in Taiwan, leaking their Facebook details, Mobile numbers, addresses and contact details. It will be important to see how Nokia will react on this one. 

At the time of publishing this article, all 4 websites were defaced and displaying deface page left by the hackers. 

NOTE: The amount of leaked data is huge, it will probably take sometime to be analysed, stay tune as I will keep you updated. 

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