China’s 3 major cell phone operators hacked by NSA in hunt for millions of SMS data

Edward Snowden who is the whistleblower for NSA has once again revealed that NSA has hacked operators of China Mobile and has stolen text messages in millions.

Every now and then, Washington shouts out that their systems are being hacked and normally accuse China of such activities but the fact is that they are themselves the biggest culprits.

Well, it was going quite well for the United States and Washington before reports about NSA’s PRISM Surveillance Program have revealed their involvement in hacking incidents like this one.

Snowden has revealed that US spies have penetrated 3 major cell phone operators in China and have gained access to a core network through which they have stolen millions of text messages of Chinese people.

Fang Binxing, who is president at a university in Beijing and who is considered as the initiator of the Great Firewall internet filter system of China has indicated many times that the Telecom equipment which is imported from international companies such as Cisco poses a great threat to the national security of China.

Considering this risk, it might have allowed the NSA spies to gain access to the data of millions of Chinese people. Snowed also came up with the claim that the Government Communication Headquarters of Britain have been directly tapping into the sub-sea fiber-optical cable and the intercepted voice data and other information is being shared with NSA.

The Coordination Center of Emergency Technical Response for China’s computing network has stated that there have been 13, 408 virus attacks in the first 5 months of the running year and these attacks have hacked more than 5.63 million units of Chinese.

Read more on NSA’s surveillance capability here and how the whole PRISM idiocy works.


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