Interesting Facts about NSA Spying Tactics Exposed by

The Internet was lit up by John Oliver’s interview with Edward Snowden since the host actually managed to make his chat subject talk about dick pics, laugh and give high five.

The information revealed during dick pics discussion has encouraged the launch of a website that informs about the U.S government/NSA‘s capabilities to access utterly private data and most prized possession of unsuspecting ordinary citizens, that is, their junk pictures.

Oliver’s interview and the information that private pictures of American genitalia can be accessed by the government was utilized by and Oliver’s elaborated dick joke made it a lot easier to realize the scope and authority with which the U.S intelligence community has been bestowed as well as its spying proficiency.


To obtain confidential information from American citizens and foreigners, the agencies dive into all kinds of mechanisms that are available and they can even see their dicks.

So a piece of advice to all Americans is that the next time you think about sending such a picture then please spruce it up with some nationalist and patriotic elements such as a bald eagle, flag, a cowboy hat or simple make yourself heard with slogans like this one:

“I am not a terrorist, I simply want to show off my wang.”

Watch the full interview here:

Fun Part: 

Search Google Images for ‘Dick Pics’ and all you will get is Dick Cheney everywhere.

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