NSA Stores User Data To target Them Whenever They want

Glenn Greenwald, who is the person at the forefront of the reports that have been published on the spying program of National Security Agency (NSA) had a conversation with German Aranda who is El Mundo journalist, and has stressed that the spying activities of US have spanned far more than just Europe.

Greenwald said that:

  • “There are a lot of countries, and journalists in a lot of different countries, who have been asking for stories and to work on documents for a long time.”

He further said that he was been working at a very quick pace to ensure that these documents reach all the countries to which they relate and most of the countries are in the list.

Throwing light on the intention of NSA behind gathering metadata of millions of users, he said that such information is stored by the agency so that they can recall it and use it whenever they want.

So the main purpose is not only to collect such information, but also to store it for long periods. This enables them to recall and target the information of any user of some country across the globe, and then analyze such information to establish what a person has been up to and with whom he/she has been communicating with.

German Aranda said that after the documents that were revealed by Snowden and which stated that NSA has been tapping into the telephonic communications in Europe, the reaction that came from French was of utmost importance to develop the terrain in Spain.

Aranda also said:

  • “With all the countries around Europe and around the world, it will be the same. The more countries see documents about them, the more interest the other countries will have to see what is happening with them.”

The Spanish Prime Minister had a meeting with the US ambassador last week and talked about the latest spying revelations that have emerged. This echoes the reactions that have been given by countries like Germany, France and some other countries. Though Spain has been resistant towards the call of Germany that is asking for singing a Europe no spying treaty against the US, but this may change in the near future.

The foreign minister of Spain has said in a recent joint session that:

  •  “As in previous occasions, we’ve asked the U.S. ambassador to give the government all the necessary information on an issue which, if it was to be confirmed, could break the climate of trust that has traditionally been the one between our two countries.”

In response to the reaction of the European leaders, White House has started an internal review of the activities of NSA.

A delegation representing the parliament of Europe has also been sent to USA for discussing the violation of trust that has been there between Europe and US.

The administration of Obama has increased efforts to ensure that activities of the agency are made more transparent so that the trust between the countries can be maintained.


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