The NSA Can Track Your Cell Phones Even When Turned Off

If you thought NSA was only spying over your online activities, then add this one to your list because NSA has full capability of tracking your cell phone even when its switched off.

Other then tracking your cell phone, the NSA’s cellphone-surveillance technology isn’t just used to listen in on conversations and map social networks—it’s become an invaluable tool in targeting drone strikes.

The Washington Post reports that it all started after September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks when security agencies within the United States started expending their operation and begin the surveillance project.

It was in 2004 when NSA got hand on technology which enables it to track cell phones even when they are powered off. The ability is high tech and unlimited as in some cases the authorities may have converted the device remotely into listening devices with specific spyware.

Newspaper further reports that the project was known as “The Find,” which helped agencies to track and crackdown over Al-Qaeda and other extremist elements.

However the scale of using this technology on citizens in the US is yet to be clear.


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