Nugg App Lets You Order Medical Marijuana From Your Smartphone

Los Angeles and Orange Counties patients could order medical marijuana through Nugg, a new app. They may even schedule marijuana deliveries and pickups with the app

A trio of USC students namely Alex Milligan, Collin Mann and Kam Babazade have developed a web-based app Nugg. It is an online medical marijuana ordering system. The app was launched on 20th April.

The $100,000 funding for the app was raised by the students themselves. They gathered the amount not from family or friends but through the conventional method of referring riders to Lyft, a privately held, San Francisco–based American transportation network company.


Lyft paid $10 to $20 commission to students for every rider referral. Milligan along with two others created a referral hunting network circulating around the college campuses. They later split the proceeds earned by registering 30,000 riders. Mann and Babazade have already graduated whereas Milligan is completing his last semester.

Detailed Analysis:

In 2014, Milligan, Mann and Babazade started developing Nugg using their newly earned wealth. They officially launched this app and their company this Monday April 20th, which actually is like a festive day for marijuana enthusiasts all over the world, because the trio offers free pizza with each order.

There aren’t any employ drivers or payment procedures associated with Nugg. The co-founders are hoping that with their marketing expertise earned via the Lyft endeavour, they soon will be able to outshine competitors like Nestdrop and Eaze.

Users can look for nearby medical marijuana dispensaries on Nugg’s website. They may even browse the available products and opt for a pickup or delivery. Users also have the option of ordering via Nugg and heading to the dispensary physically for picking it up. Or, they can request for delivery by the dispensary’s drivers.

While registering, users need to submit a picture of their driver’s license or any other ID along with a doctor’s prescription. Nugg verifies the document by consulting doctors. If someone want to order but does not possess necessary documents then Nugg can also schedule an appointment with the doctor upon request.

According to Milligan, Nugg is still being funded via Lyft earning but numerous venture capital firms officials have also been signed on as advisers.

The challenge the face now is of keeping pace with the rapidly changing regulations as well as making the service attractive to college students and the elderly.

He stated: “They understand cannabis in different languages, so it’s a balance between providing too little introduction and too much information that it becomes too complex.”

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