Obama’s Election Campaign Social Network Domain Hacked by Yemeni Hacker

A Yemeni hacker going with the handle of “Lov3rDns has hacked and defaced the official social network domain of U.S president Barack Obama, used during his election campaign.

After taking on Saudi Arabia, the hackers from Yemen are heading towards the United States and to deliver their message a Yemeni hacker hacked into the official social networking domain of President Obama (my.barackobama.com), which is a subdomain of Obama’s official website (barackobama.com).

Hacker left a deface page along with a message on the hacked domain, insulting Obama with the N-word and asking him to leave Yemen alone. The flag on the deface page belongs to the south side of Yemen.

An exclusive screenshot of the site shows hacker was able to upload a deface page on my.barackobama.com/page/file/


Link of targeted website along with its mirror as a proof of hack is available below: 


Additional hosting and other technical details about the targeted domain is available here


The network was used by 35,000 groups to create 200,000 events during Obama presidential campaign. However, this is not the first time when the same domain has gone under the control of hackers. In 2014, the Pro-Assad hackers from Syrian Electronic Army were also able to hack the site.

The hacker behind this hack is not just some average hacker. He is the same guy who hacked AVG Security, MIT, Mcafee Portal, Coca-Cola website, Joomla blog, Kaspersky, Avast security, Firefox and MSN Portugal domain.

In May 2015, Yemen Cyber Army claimed it breached into the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs server and leaked plain-text login credentials of Saudi officials — Conversations between embassies along with Embassies VSAT Communications. 

Leave Yemen alone O – N****.

Well, hackers got to do what they got to do, but there’s no doubt that  cyber attacks are the new way to raise voices against the government or to protest and deliver the message globally. 

At the time of publishing this article, the targeted social network domain was hacked with the deface page uploaded by Yemeni hacker.

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