Obama: I am not allowed to use iPhone for ‘security reasons’

Wednesday: I am not allowed to use iPhone for security reason: President Barak Obama.

obama-i-am-not-allowed-to-use-iphone-for-security-reasonsPresident Barak Obama has given an unusual statement during a meeting with American youth in order to promote his healthcare law in which he revealed that due to ‘security reasons’, he is not allowed to use Apple‘s iPhone yet he still uses  iPad , Apple’s tablet computer and BlackBerry phone.

Apple was one among many companies which allowed National Security Agency (NSA) a direct assess to its server containing customer data as revealed by Edward Snowden. However, the allegations were denied by Apple.

In June Apple had released its policy on National Security in which it claimed that NSA’s PRISM project is new to them. Meanwhile NYPD was found asking iPad and iPhone users to upgrade their phones to new iOS7

After allegations that Apple is sharing user data with NSA via its new fingerprint option, U.S Senator. Al- Franken had asked Apple if FBI can get iPhone 5S fingerprint data via Patriot Act?

We will not assume anything but what are those security reasons that do not allow Obama to use iPhone? 


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