Official MSN Uganda Website hacked and Defaced by PakBugs


The official website of The Microsoft Network, MSN ( for Uganda was collectively hacked and defaced by ZombiE_KsA, Agd_Scorp, and Zer0Byt3 from well known PakBugs hacking group on 27/03/13.

Hackers left a deface page along with a message on the hacked website, bashing a Pakistani hacker Khantastic aka 1337 for allegedly being a skid. 

 Uganda 0wn3d… We Did it in the Past And We Did it Again!
h0 h0 h0, khantastic aka 1337 skids you thought you were first ones to deface google, you guys didn’t even defaced that, adding free sub domains on freehostia wont make you 1337! but it will make your worst then script kiddies! We did it in 2009 when you guys were learning how to use a pc, how you gonna fake me now?!?  What stories are you gonna make now bitch?? you are less then nothing..  and remember “Everything You KIDS do is SMALL! OUR SHIT IS MONSTROUS!!”  You are just little script-kiddies trying to be us, but the world knows you failed like a p00r bitch.  we are still alive, not dead, but when you pissed us off, you just woke the original devils up. ;-)

Link of defaced website:
Mirror of hacked website:

PakBugs hacking group is known for its high profile hacks, the group has done some magnificent hacks in past such as  the hacking and defacement of Pakistani News Giant and PKNIC Domain Registrar and Google Morocco and Google Saint Helena

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