Official Nod32 Zimbabwe Website Hacked by Turkey Cyber Army

Turkey Cyber Army has hacked Nod32 Zimbabwe website. Turk hackers are busy these days in hacking big fishes, just 3 days ago the same group hacked and defaced United Nations Armenia based website.

Hacked website Link 

Hacked website Mirror

Deface message that was posted on the website:

Turkey Cyber Army 


Atess & Ayazoglu

Hey Sizler
Evet Bunlar Ne Yapmis Diye Bakanlar.! Says: Biz Yapariz Alem izler İyi Seyirler Yegenler ,) Says: Güvenlik sizin deiğil Bizimİsimiz Ayazoglu Other NAme Of Security

Bizler Hep Burdayiz

Atess & Ayazoglu & Hakn’s & Death_K1nG

By3xRooT & SLaYHacKeR & Hacker_infazci & SonTuRK

Translation in English for better understanding:

Fever & Ayazoglu

Hey You
Yes they have done Ministers She.! Says: monitors the good time we’ll do the Alem nephews,) Says: Security you Bizimİsimiz deiğil Ayazoglu Other Name Of Security

We are always here

Fever & Ayazoglu & Hakn’s & Death_K1nG

By3xRooT & SLaYHacKeR & Hacker_infazci & SonTuRK

It sounds funny when a company which claims to save users from hackers gets hack, looks like NOD32 does not really care for its websites because last December NOD32’s website in Ukraine was hacked by Shadow008 and KhantastiC haX0r.

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