OGUsers hacking forum hacked; user database compromised

OGUsers hacking forum was hacked twice in past as well. Here’s what happened back then and what happened this time.
Hacking forum hacked leading to user database being compromised

OGUsers hacking forum was hacked twice in past as well.

There are times when the cybersecurity world lets us all get a good laugh – hackers catching hackers. Such an incident occurred about a week ago where a social media accounts hacking forum named OGUsers was hacked with the homepage of it being defaced as shown below.

As reported by KrebsOnSecurity, the defaced page had a messaging stating that a database of the forum’s users had been compromised. However, shortly afterward, a former administrator let users know that the passwords being encrypted were not going to be cracked.

Hacking forum hacked leading to user database being compromised
Screenshot of the deface page left by hackers on OGUsers’ homepage (Image: Hackread.com)

Yet, despite this, the attackers have put out a ransom of $50-$100 which could let the users erase their data from the database including their profiles and private messages as well. Commenting on the names left behind by the attackers in the message, the researcher states,

The hacker handles featured in the defacement message left on OGUsers — “Chinese” and “Disco” — correspond to two nicknames used by banned OGUser members who have been trying to generate interest for their own forum that seeks to emulate OGUsers.

When Disco was contacted on Twitter accordingly, he stated that he had hacked the forum for fun by exploiting an out-of-date plugin on the site. In his own words:

“I had a sort of feud with the administrator in the past but this one was more for fun,” “…..Not too interested in doing damage by releasing database or anything like that.”

If the information of the database users is leaked in any case, it could help law enforcement officials take action against those who have been involved in illegal activities in the past on the forum. This keeping in mind the nature of the forum would include the buying or selling of hacked social media accounts and similar malicious services.

In fact, this did happen back in August 2020, when a Bitcoin scam was on the rise with the accounts of famous celebrities getting hijacked on Twitter, one of the perpetrators caught was linked to OGUsers using the data from the previous breaches of the forum.

To conclude, this is not the first time OGUsers has been hacked though. Previously, earlier this year in April, its database was compromised and available freely for download on another hacking forum. As if that was not enough to give a glimpse of the forum’s “getting hacked” record, in May 2019, its database was also stolen and dumped.

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