OnePlus website hacked to breach user data AGAIN!

The official website of popular Chinese telecom giant OnePlus has been hacked again…

The website was also hacked in 2018.

It seems like hackers fancy targeting OnePlus during the holiday season. In 2018, OnePlus suffered a cyber attack in which its official website was not only hacked but also allowed hackers to steal personal and credit card data of over 40,000 customers. Now, history has repeated itself.

The official website of popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has been hacked again. As a result, hackers gained access to the personal details of OnePlus customers. This time however the stolen data is limited to “order information” which includes names, contact numbers, shipping, and email addresses.

Your payment card data is safe

Although the exact number of users impacted by the hack or when did it take place is unclear, the good news is that attackers could not access financial information or login credentials of any customer. In a statement on November 22nd, OnePlus confirmed that, 

“We want to update you that we have discovered that some of our users’ order information was accessed by an unauthorized party. We can confirm that all payment information, passwords, and accounts are safe, but certain users’ names, contact numbers, email and shipping addresses may have been exposed.”

Those impacted by the hack have already been contacted by OnePlus through emails. If you have not received any email from the company it indicates that you are not part of the breach and your data is secure.

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“We took immediate steps to stop the intruder and reinforce security. Right now, we are working with the relevant authorities to further investigate this incident and protect your data,” said OnePlus in a data breach notification email sent to its customers,” the company said in its email sent to affected customers.

OnePlus to launch bug bounty program

Amid the data breach; OnePlus also vowed to secure its infrastructure from further attacks. Therefore, the company has announced joining hands with “a world-renowned cyber security platform” in December this year to launch its first-ever bug bounty program.

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If you are a OnePlus customer, it is a good time to change your password and keep an eye on your account activity. Stay safe online!

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