#OP7: Anonymous Brazil calls for biggest protest in the history of Brazil on September 7

The online hackavist group Anonymous Brazil has asked Brazilians to join them on 7th September 2013, the country’s independence day in one of the biggest protest against politicians and massive corruption.

The protest will be conducted under the tag of ‘#OP7‘ in 140 cities especially against group of politicians involved in stealing massive amount of money from the government for ages without being charged by any court of law.

Anonymous has also released a YouTube video, explaining the reasons for protest and what are their goals. The video is available below:

Hackavists have also released a press release which explains in and outs of the protest. The press release was expressed in following words:

  • Brazilian politicians are among the most well paid and richest in the world.
  • A “MP” in Brazil earns:
    $13,000 monthly of salary alone
    + can hire 25 of their closest friends to be his secretaries.
    $1,500 monthly to help to pay his rent
    $20,000 monthly to help with telephone, travel, food, post services bills
    and MORE.  Minimum Wage: $300 And this is nothing, compared with what they steel from the public vaults on a daily basis. They are millionaires at the expense of their people.
  • #OperacaoSeteDeSetembro is suffering a boycott on Facebook,
    which is forbidding people from sending invitations to friends!
    Help us keep the event active and growing:
  • Operation Seven September #OP7 The Biggest Protest in the History of Brazil.

The group has asked people to join them on Facebook, Twitter and on ground to protest against the government until a court takes notice of ongoing corruption and puts Renan Calheiros, the president of senate to jail. Anonymous believes that Renan Calheiros is the king of corruption and should be put to trial.

Just two months ago, Anonymous Brazil’s hacked country’s largest magazine VEJA’s Twitter account, inviting people to protest against the government.


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