#Op_Egypt: 30 Egyptian Government Websites Taken Down by Anonymous

While scrolling PasteBin, I got hold of 30 Egyptian government websites taken down by Anonymous hackers on 7th December in a possible DDoS attack for #Op_Egypt. 

The list of attacked websites includes the the Maritime Transport Sector, the Presidency, the Armed Forces, the Egyptian Accreditation Council, the Parliament, the Large Taxpayer Center, Ministry of Interior and other high profile government websites.   

I am not sure if the sites were taken down as a result of DDoS attack or as a result of servers breach. 

The Anonymous hackers stated on Twitter that the reason for targeting Egyptian sites is to protest against the President and his policies because of which many people are protesting and dying on the Egyptian streets. 

The complete list of targeted websites can be found on below given link:


At the time of publishing this article, some of the sites were restored while most of them were still offline.

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